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About Us

The Keep on Pushing Foundation is a New York based federally recognized 501c3 not for profit foundation. It was created by original Jamaican bobsled team member Devon Harris. He chose the name not simply because that’s what he did during the start of his bobsled races, but also because the term denotes persistence, courage, hope and striving for bigger and bigger dreams – attributes Devon Harris wishes to encourage in the kids in his old neighborhood of Olympic Gardens and other economically disadvantaged communities around the world.

The Keep On Pushing Foundation’s goal is to support and enhance the education of kids in disadvantaged communities around the globe by providing practical solutions to the challenges that would prevent them from getting educated. To this end, the Foundation started a breakfast program where Devon's journey began - the Drews Avenue Primary School. Devon believes the breakfast program is critical to student success, because you can not nourish your mind while your stomach growls with hunger. It’s a vicious cycle: if you’re hungry you can not get a good education. If you’re uneducated, you will be relegated to a life of hunger and despair. Without a good education these children will not be able to compete in the 21st century.

Since the inception of the breakfast program, we've had very positive and encouraging results. Attendance,test scores have gone up significantly and behavior and punctuality have improved. We are now working on expanding the program to other schools and enhancing the Drews Ave. Primary program by constructing a kitchen and dining facility.

In further supporting the nourishment and minds of these children, the foundation runs a school supplies program in five schools in the neighborhood. This effort is supported every year by kind donations from Temple Sinai in Cinnaminson, NJ, the students of George Washington Elementary School in Mohegan Lake, NY and Johnson & Johnson

The Foundation also intends to set up computer labs in these schools, labs that will be vital to the students and open to young adults, aged 18 - 25, who live in the neighborhood.

The Keep on Pushing Foundation believes that sustainable programs need to engage students as well as provide tools and resources. Toward that end we actively encourage the students to use the resources to explore their potential and create practical opportunities. We intend to work with the communities we serve to identify and develop cottage industry ventures; inspire entrepreneurial attitudes, self reliance, self sufficiency and ultimately build true self esteem and a brighter hope for the future.

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